Ritchie's Tree

Ritchie’s Tree Service Inc. Available Services:

· Tree Removal: We are experts in removing trees in any condition. We are fully insured and
trained to remove trees even in the tightest situations. Removing a tree can be very dangerous,
so have our experts do it for you. We have the right equipment and trained professionals to get
the job done right.
· Stump Grinding: After a tree is removed, you are left with an unsightly, potentially dangerous
stump. Ritchie’s Tree Service has the right equipment to grind the stump down to the necessary
depth for future landscaping, leaving your yard safe and beautiful.
· Tree Trimming/Pruning: Love that tree, but it’s grown and is too close to the house? Chuck
and his crew can trim the tree so you can keep the mature tree and not lose the shade it
provides your home and landscape.